Wednesday, April 8, 2009

movies i'll watch again and again... school of rock

i enjoy movies a lot. in fact i almost do not watch any tv at all, except for dvds. so figured why not share some of those movies which i'll watch again and again?

hey, if i'll watch the second, and third time, there has to be something to it right?

alright, will start off with a decidedly low-brow recommendation...

school of rock. wont repeat the plot here. read about it in its wikipedia listing.  

if you love music, you'll enjoy this movie!
if you love rock music, you'll love it!

especially classic rock. there's ac/dc, led zep, cream and all the works.

varoius scenes were really memorable. i like the part best where jack black asks the students for their musical influence. what we have is... christina aguilera, liza minelli and puff daddy.

his response? what shit are you kids listening to these days?  exactly!

so like the ac dc song... for those about to rock, we salute you!

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