Friday, April 24, 2009

Mai Muang, Chiangmai

we went to chiangmai last month and thoroughly enjoyed our time there. this is our second trip there!

the highlight of the trip, to me, is when we visited this local restaurant where this power couple performs every night. this husband-and-wife team owns the restaurant and draws in the crowd via its excellent food and the top notch singing.

as you can see above, it's music at its minimal. just a guitar accompanying her voice. and i can tell you this... she sings beautifully!

music transcends borders. playing mainly thai folk songs, her singing has an ethereal quality to it. maybe it's her elucidation, or those little inflection she incorporates into the phrases. but then hey, i don't know enough of thai to be able to tell!

but rest assured, we were in awed by the performance.

before we left, i bought 3 cds and she's kind enough to autograph all for me.

if you ever go to chiangmai, check out this place. the restaurant is called "mai muang". it's a type of tree local to chiangmai. i don't think i remembered to take down the names of this power couple but then with thai names, this isn't easy!

once i find more info, will update here.


  1. Whereabouts is this restaurant? I live in Chiang Mai, would like to give it a try... sounds great.

  2. i'm sorry i don't know the whereabouts too. we were brought there by our tour guide.

    i emailed her but she hasn't replied me yet.

    if i hear from here, i'll post here.