Sunday, April 19, 2009

best pizza in kuala lumpur i ever tasted

i like pizzas but don't go all the way out to search for the "best". at least not yet.

however, when my neighbour william told me about this italian guy baking pizza right here in oug, kuala lumpur, i just got to give it a try.

just imagine this. this shop sells chinese mixed rice during the day, and italiano dishes during the night!

just imagine this. you are savouring pizza (or spaghetti), sitting on plastic stools, and in the dead center of the shop, there is the deity figure of guan yu.

so in a locale setting more commonly associated with low cost chinese mixed rice, you are enjoying your pizza made by this true blue italian and sipping wine!

got it?

the locale just adds to the experience! and of course, the pizza... tony, the proprietor of pinos, has a day job right here in kuala lumpur but when night falls, he morphs into one hell of a pizza chef!

been there twice so far and the pick has to be "tony's special". sun dried tomatoes, anchovies, capsicum, olives... etc plus his own recipe of tomato paste and lots of lots of mozzarella... my wife's favourite is his calzone, the "folded" or "pocket" pizza.

it is also the first time i tasted pizza with bird's eye chillies! yes! so is this a malaysian style? i asked tony and he told me he did this back home in italy too. the addition of bird's eye chillies add a dimension to the taste. it sure complements well with the mozzarella!

yup, all this plus wine (tony will join you for a sip if he's not too busy), in a totally unexpected shop in a totally out-of-place neighbourhood - oug is a premodinantly chinese neighbourhood, more known for its choice of chinese food.

guess what? we were chatting and after picking up some tips from tony, i told him i bake bread. tony wanted to try them so i brought some the next visit. he seems to like it!

to get there, heard of steven's corner? the popular indian stall? pinos is just a few doors away. you can't miss it. colours of the italian flag could be seen from far away...


  1. I definitely want to meet Tony the next time we get to KL! Sounds like something worth blogging about. Is he hunky? Is he cute? (Nic will roll his eyes...but a hunky Italian makes pizza taste even better.)

  2. he's either in his late 40s or early 50s. thick moustach, wears a permanent smile and a nice paunch! must be all that cheese....

  3. BG; Can you give me the adddress of Tony's? I told my friend about this and she(who lives in SS2) wants to try this pizza place. Do email to me if you can. Thanks.

  4. i'm sorry, i don't know the address though i've been there the past 2 days! friends paid visit and everyone wanted to go there. my wife couldn't stand pizza anymore and went for chinese porridge from the neighbouring stall. but i could eat pizza every day...

    anyway, ask her to call me for more detailed instructions. don't think we'll be going there again this week!

  5. tony has moved to wisma thrifty, just across pj hilton.

    you can't miss as it's on the ground flour, right by the entrance.

  6. where is this pizza guy now?