Sunday, May 19, 2013

after watching this, would you still eat salmon?

let's face it, as much as i like eating salmon, i stopped more than 2 years ago when i learned that almost all the salmon in the market are farmed salmons. also, as farmed salmons are fed "feeds" rather than their natural diet, their flesh doesn't turn out the appetising "salmon hue" which we are familiar with. instead, it turns out grey! therefore it has to be artificially dyed to bring back the "salmon hue".

read more about farmed salmons here.

of course, it is not sustainable if everyone wants to eat only wild salmon.

but if you watch this documentary, you may even think again about eating salmon. i know it's more than an hour but this is such a powerful documentary, watching and learning from it, we could be empowered to take action to protect ourselves rather than just being the guinea pig here.

what am i talking about? farmed salmons are full of dangerous viruses. in the wild, sick animals are taken care off by their predators. in the farms, if they survive long enough, they end up on your table.

next time you eat that nice salmon sushi, think of all the stuffs you are ingesting...

Salmon Confidential from Twyla Roscovich on Vimeo.

Monday, April 8, 2013

angels in our midst

A Stray Hero from Hisyam on Vimeo.

4 years ago, i was afraid of dogs, due to having bad experience with them during my childhood.

but if dogs are described as man's best friend, what a waste it would be if we go through life without understanding or without experiencing why are dogs described as man's best friend? after all, life is about experiences, and not all the material things that surround us.

after adopting tonto from save a stray, tonto has totally changed our perception of dogs. slowly and surely, he gained our trust, love, and we gained his. so much so that we consider him a member of our family now!

but we understand the plights of dog owners, and living in a country where the majority of the population shun dogs.

so this video by hisyam highlighting a muslim couple who sacrifices all for dogs, totaling 700 as of today, is inspiring. it gives hope that there is still hope for humanity in us. the extent they go all out is amazing, even sleeping in their car beside the dog shelter at night.

it's difficult for us to understand the challenges a muslim couple have to go through to do what they have done. they would be shunned, ostracized, and even labeled "lunatic" by their community for dogs are perceived by many of their community as "unclean" animals.

yet, they stand tall and i salute them for all they have done. do yourself a favor, check out the video as well as pak mie's website.