Thursday, October 29, 2009

bread flour at rm6.20 a kg!

you know, i've been scouting around for organic bread flour and found quite a few places selling it. prices range from rm7-rm10 per kg.

lowest price so far is the country farm organics bread flour. this flour is sourced from turkey's karahan flours. this product is new as it's not shown on their website yet. (the website isn't great either).

for your info, ampang's hock choon also sells this flour at rm6.90 a kg but what tips the edge in country farm's favour is if you join their membership program, you could buy at 10% off, so that's only rm6.21kg. fantastic!

and it only costs you rm5 for lifetime membership. or you could purchase up to rm50 worth of products and you'll be awarded the membership right away.

oh yeah, unfortunately, this discount is only available through country farm organics retail store and currently there's only one at bangsar shopping center...

Monday, October 26, 2009

video showing bertinent's method

as you know, when it comes to baking bread, good ingredients play an important role, but the rest is all technique, the baker's technique.

have been experimenting with bread baking for a while now but had the most fun lately when i learned about richard bertinent's "stretch and fold" technique of working with very wet dough.

yes, it's true that very wet dough makes good bread, but try working on it with your hands!

now this video illustrates very well on how to work wet doughs ala the bertinent technique.

remember, no flouring of the work space. you just got to have faith. after 10-15 minutes of stretch and fold, the dough really takes shape!