Saturday, April 2, 2011

i like this soap!

i'm interested in making soap but the problem is getting lye, a strong alkaline solution. even though i have been told where to get lye, still i'm lazy to go there. reason being...


this is a bar of soap made using natural ingredients and made in the natural way. i was told the ingredients are palm oil and coconut oil. i believe lye is the other ingredient. since it costs only rm3+ and available easy at many organic stores, i'm not tempted to play with oil and lye!

it lathers very well, moistures our skin extremely well and best of all, it's so lasting. a bar lasts us more than a month for both of us. the fact that it's wrapped in unassuming mahjong paper only adds to its charm. well, that's what i think.

nowadays if i travel, i'll bring this bar of soap with me and it maintains our skin moisture so well that even if i'm cooped up in a dry, air-con environment for 24 hours, i don't feel my skin itch at all. you know, that kind of itch you get when your skin gets too dry?

who needs body lotion if you use the RIGHT type of soap? one made using traditional way, using natural ingredients. no sulphate no nonsense chemical.

as there's no synthetic fragrance in it, it has no smell at all. i like this! i hate smelling like a flower after shower.

go ahead! try this bar of soap! if you don't like it, i'll take from you!