Friday, April 22, 2011

earth day

what is your earth day pledge?

we do practice some here. let's see.

  • we use recycleable shopping bags.
  • we reuse all plastic bags.
  • we don't buy bottled mineral water.
  • we reduce our consumption of meat.
  • we eat organic produce.
  • we use natural soap/cleaners.
  • we car pool.
  • we compost our waste.
  • we recycle newspapers, all paper products and glass bottles.
  • 90% of our light bulbs are of energy saving variety.
  • we only use rechargeable batteries.
  • reduce further our consumption of water and electricity. current monthly water bill is the minimum charge of rm6 and electricity bill averages rm40.
  • we don't use air conditioning at home at all. on very hot nights, we switch it on for only 2-3 hours to cool down the room.
hmm... this is all i could think of, the initiatives we are taking right now. will definitely add to it! 

so what's your pledge?

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