Sunday, April 11, 2010

local breads. what a bargain!

when i first started bread baking, i was constantly on the search for good bread baking books.

there are those "containing lots of recipes but precious few thoughts" books and there are those "full of philosophy but not much on the whys and hows" type. and then there are some books which almost everyone recommends again and again.

one of those, and i had the privilege to browse it, is daniel leader's "local breads".

unfortunately only borders have it, at an obscene price of ~rm120. of course you could buy from amazon for usd23 +  freight but it's still quite a large sum of money. dang.... we malaysians have to pay so much for books. books is truly is luxury here.

so imagine my surprise when i visted book excess, amcorp mall, over the weekend and found this book, in hardcover, selling for only rm25! my jaws almost dropped!

so whether you want to learn about bread baking or not, if you enjoy books, book excess is THE place to go.

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