Thursday, April 22, 2010

hit girl kicks ass!

i love comics and have been devouring those movie adaptations religiously. unfortunately there are more bad than good adaptations. the bad ones... don't even worth wasting electrons typing here. the best so far, i would think is watchmen which i have watched again and again and again and again...

but here's one which i totally adore! really kick ass!

you can read about the comic book here, courtesy of wikipedia.

the movie doesn't follow the comic book 100% but the essence is there. i prefer the comic, the story line, the ending... ha ha! classic! "with no power, comes no responsibility".

in a way, its' a parody on other comic books. it's like a movie about how a super hero movie shouldn't be. it really widens your horizon! (never thought a comic book could do this to you?)

but my favourite character isn't kick ass. it's the 11 year old, foul mouted, bloody, deadly but so damn cute hit girl! and what an attitude! [she's so foul mouthed i admit she kicks my ass.]

needless to say, the concept of an 11 year old, knife wielding, gun totting, foul mouthed, punky vigilante is too much for most folks. do a google on hit girl controversy and see how much has been written about this.

folks, take a break. leave comicdom as a last bastion for the average human being's fertile imagination to go where no laws, no code, no ethics, no religion, no norms etc allows it to go.

but if you have kids, i don't recommend letting your kids watch this movie!

hit girl in the comic

hit girl played by chloe grace moretz

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