Friday, April 16, 2010

fantastic mr fox

i'm a sucker for roald dahl stories. this man is one heck of a story teller and boy, what an imagination he has!

watched "charlie and the chocolate factory" and read his book "mathilda". now, why would i buy a kiddie's book? actually i bought the book for adelyn, a very special girl, for her birthday and i just had to read it first! adelyn, if you are reading this, sorry...

ok, the wonderful theme about roald dahl's story is that adults are always the bad folks while children are the protagonist. in this movie, fantastic mr fox, the animals are the good guys while the human beings (mostly adults) are the bad hats.

you just got to watch this movie! totally love it. it's... dare i say it... cute!

boggis bunce and bean
one fat, one short, one lean
these horrible crooks
so different in looks
but nonetheless equally mean.

dang, can't get this rhyme out of my head!

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