Wednesday, January 20, 2010

the ornish diet

seeing my recent (well not that recent) diet changes, my dad sent me this link about this ornish diet.

"To summarize, the Ornish diet excludes cholesterol and saturated fat, including all animal products (except egg whites and nonfat dairy products), nuts, seeds, avocados, chocolate, olives, and coconuts. Oils are eliminated except a small amount of canola oil for cooking, and oil that supplies omega-3 essential fatty acids. The Ornish diet also prohibits caffeine, but allows a moderate intake of alchohol, sugar, and salt."

this is interesting. so a study has been done on this! and i find it to be so true.

that said, i'll modify the diet a little. we still consume meat but in reduced quantities. no one can dispute that we still need some protein and fats in our diet and if meat is a good source of this, by all means, consume some.

i'll also modify the ornish diet by taking in more "good cholesterol" oils like olive oil. you just need more of the good cholesterol and less of the bad cholesterol. so eat more foods with good cholesterol but reduce food with bad cholesterol. the latter is easy --- less meat, less eggs etc.

even if you don't care much about your cholesterol level, for general health, i can see more benefits of this diet compared to those high protein/low carbohydrate diets in fashion these days.

now that's food for thought!

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