Tuesday, January 5, 2010

i have been itching to try my hand on vermi-composting. yes, using worms to compost your organic waste. however, purchasing these wiggly fellas is quite a task by itself!

so hard to find around here and when i do find some, the price the quote borders on scandalous. i simply can't justify paying rm300 for a kilogram of worms! yes, yes, yes, these worms may be very special etc and every worm breeder tells me you can make back the amount easily by selling off the worms, but that's not what i'm interested in. i'm interested in breeding them, then giving away. what better way to promote vermi-composting than by giving the worms away for free?

anyway, that idea didn't even take off. it was wiggled along!

then i was surprised to find on maya kirana's blog this super easy way to compost your organic waste. no worms required, no special bin required, no special care required. let mother nature and father time do all the work. you just need to chuck your organic waste into these pots, and bury with soil. that's it!

it's so easy... you just got to try it. remember, if everyone could just reduce the amount of waste he/she puts out, the world will just be a cleaner place. it's that easy folks!

just started a few days ago and currently on second pot. like krista said, you'll be surprised how much waste we throw away is actually of the organic type. we throw away so little rubbish these days!

go ahead. give it a try. spread the word. action really speaks louder. once i get the momentum going, i'll be teaching/showing my friends/family this method. and it all begins with the first step ---- YOU!


  1. Hi Yeo: Thanks for the link up. Yup, except for the fat neighbourhood tomcat who comes about and sniffs the pots, the pots are doing fine. I am excited about digging out the first pot once I have filled up my 10th pot. Will update on how my composting goes. Oh yea, I saw this and had to come pass the link to you. Bread made using ice water! Yes. http://www.ourbestbites.com/2009/11/no-knead-multigrain-bread-in-jar.html

  2. hi krista

    thx for sharing that wonderful composting tip!

    the bread baked from the richard bertinent method is simply awesome. still can't get over it!

    never in my life have i eaten bread with such delicious crust. you really ought to try this method.

    in comparison, i find no-knead breads to be kind of "tasteless". somehow working the dough brings the best out of the yeast, the fermentation, the dough... the works.

    if only such a simple method as this could apply to people...


  3. Hi yeo

    I found this interesting site about growing vege http://dqcleanchicken.com/sustainable_living/

    Have a look! I stumbled on it when I was googling for mulberry leaves

  4. hi maya

    thx for the link!

    i'll pay them a visit one of these days.