Wednesday, April 13, 2016

vegetable oils are a lot worse than saturated fats for your health

scientists are humans too. personal agenda and ego is always there. this is bad for science.

so the minnesota coronary experiment, one of the largest experiment involving humans to prove whether saturated fat or vegetable fats are good for health.

the studies proved that replacing saturated fats with vegetable fats resulted in lower blood cholesterol. and this fact was touted as proof that saturated fats are bad for you. once and for all.

however, if you look at mortality rate, those consuming vegetable fats had HIGHER mortality than those on saturated fats.

again, lower blood cholesterol doesn't equal lower mortality.
in fact, lower blood cholesterol = higher mortality.

the research was done 40 years ago but the second conclusion of mortality rate was only discussed TODAY.

the best comment :
As usual, what stands in the way of progress is not science, but terrible human proclivities towards maintaining existing worldviews and status quos. You'd think scientists would be the very first to be able to acknowledge when the data shows they were wrong; it is upsetting that this is not the case, and not only that, it makes science look bad, period.

read about it here.

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