Thursday, July 5, 2012

tropical fruits

we are truly blessed to be living in a tropical country. i don't know about you but i feel that we have access to the best tasting fruits. and in such a wide range.

just look at the simple banana. if you walk into any supermarket, you'll only find "cavendish" type which, to be honest, taste really bland. however, if you go to local stores or wet market or specialty stores, you'll be amazed at the variety we have locally.

look at this "pink" banana. this is known as pisang raja locally. when unripe, it is green like other bananas but once ripen, it takes a reddish hue. taste wise? fantastic! rich, creamy... mmm....

if you drive out of town, you'll be amazed what you could find. how about wild bananas?

thin as my fingers, too bad my camera can't do justice to its colour. it has a glorious shade of yellow and it tastes fantastic!

imagine the best tasting banana and scale it up! sweet, fragrant... mmm....

we made the mistake of letting tonto eat this wild banana. nowadays he refuses to eat other bananas!

have you tried these bananas? no need to go ga-ga over strawberries, or blueberries, tropical fruits are still the best.

can you name of another fruit with depth of flavour and fragrance like the durian? cempedak?

the sweetness and purity of mangosteen?

even pineapples have so many wonderful varieties here.

so which are your favourite fruits?


  1. Durian, mangosteen, mango, dragon fruit, yum! You are right. We have the best fruits this side of earth. The best herbs and ulam too. Our land is full of priceless plants, fruits and flowers. I hardly buy apples or oranges but I love bananas and dragon fruit. Oh yes, did I tell you my pomegranate tree is bearing fruit now? Tasted the ruby red arils - nothing beats homegrown fruit :-)

  2. nice! we have harvested the "san choy" couple times already. patiently waiting for the pumpkin, cucumber and passion fruit...