Tuesday, July 3, 2012

new trellis

some time back, i built a wooden trellis for our creeper plants. however, wood + glue doesn't stand a chance in our hot wet humid weather. 

about a year later, actually more than a year, it fell apart.

well, before that, signs were there. the glue started to come off, the adhesion started to give way... in short, our furniture glue isn't designed for outdoor use. 

some really strong winds later, it gave up.

okay. i could redo the trellis, using stronger wood, better glue or, i could search for a better solution.

a better solution it is then.

well, i'm not going to use wood this time. if i have to, will have to use some hard wood but this will be pricey.

a better solution is needed. and after some thoughts, settled on this.

garden variety fencing. these are pvc clad steel wires. this is the most economical (a 25" roll goes for rm120) and i believe most hardy solution i could think of! also, it's really fast to put up. more time were spent digging that "trench".

to prevent the trellis from rattling around, a 5" galvanized iron pipe was used to anchor the fencing into ground.

all in all, 50kg of top soil later and it's good to go!

planted some passion fruit, daun kaduk, pumpkin, san choy (cantonese name of a type of veggie).

we'll see how things go later...


  1. Hi there, interesting articles you have here. Found your site while searching for trellis. Btw, may I know where do you usually buy the "kok chai" from? Interested to get some. Thanks. Dennis

  2. hardware shops. if they don't have, ask them where to get some.

    there is a shop in salak south garden which i tend to go if i need timber strips.

    thanks for stopping by!