Friday, January 6, 2012

make your own ham!

one day kevin k from my audio forum posted his experience of making saucisson (large dried sausages) at home. inspired, i wished to do the same too but had problems sourcing pig intestines.

a search on youtube gave me ideas. how about this? home made cured pork loin ham

watch the video and you'll know how to make your own at home. it's really easy.

only problem is drying it. if you live in regions where humidity is low, you could dry it in open air. not here in malaysia where humidity is >80%. most likely you'll get mold on your ham. not appetizing at all...

then i got an idea. how about drying it in the refrigerator? the air in the fridge is dry and it's pretty clean inside.

so that's what i did! after salt cure for 12 hours, i cleaned them tenderloins, spiced it and hanged it on the inside of our fridge door. i was told the ham is ready when it has lost 35% of its weight. stupid me only weighed it after 10 days by which time it has lost almost half its weight.

so it's a bit dry but... still taste nice!

spiced with rosemary, oregano etc

spiced with crushed black pepper
taste wise a bit too salty but very flavourful. could be i let it cured too long. i'll try again with more experiments.  anyway, it's a lot of fun! goes very well with bread or salad!

notice that the ham is raw. well traditionally this is how ham is done and the salt cure as well as drying kills whatever bacteria is present and allows the flavours to develop slowly.

i'll try this again! will also try the saucisson one day!

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