Monday, August 2, 2010

malaysian consumer blog

i have been reading utusan konsumer for years now. my dad subscribes this mag and has been doing so since... i started to read or before that. so i know how valuable a source of info this is.

and now that they have a website. this is even better!

not only you learn about your rights as a consumer here in malaysia (do you know that your liability for losing your credit card is limited to only rm250?), you also learn about the environment (and our horrible impact on it), you learn about personal finance, what goes inside our food etc etc etc...

an oft heard remark i get from people about this mag is that "if you read it long enough, there's nothing left to eat!"   what ignorance! as they say, ignorance is bliss. if you want to continue to be ignorant, go ahead!

be informed. learn. don't lament when things go wrong later when you have all the opportunity to start off right.

the latest issue talk about high fructose corn syrup. i learned about this recently when watching "food, inc" (a must watch!) and it's scary that corn "products" can be found everywhere! in coca cola, in your bread spread...

read and learn!


  1. Good to know. I didn't know they had a website. I like your dog biscuit recipe. Do you have one for cats? ;-)

  2. have you ever tried feeding margaret chicken liver? if she takes it, then i don't see a problem here!

    the other ingredients are oats, flour and eggs. if margaret has no issue with this, then i think you are good to go.