Monday, September 7, 2009

enjoyed 2 movies here

enjoyed 2 awesome movies lately.

the first, courtesy of my neighbour, The World's Fastest Indian.

now Indian here refers to the bike. we all know that Harley Davidson comes from the US of A but there's another bike manufacturer there, and that's the Indian motorbikes.

the movie is based on a real person though the story's dramatized but what really happened was Burt Munro did set a land speed record which still stands today!

played by Anthony Hopkins in the movie, Burt was 68 years old and riding a 47 year old modified Indian. No joke.

whenever i come across my peers complaining about their age (or imagined age related ailments), i want to ask them to watch this movie!

you are only as old as you feel.

the only movie is from japan and relates the "career" of a "encoffinment" job. the english title of the movie is "departure" while its japanese title is "okuribito".

as death is considered a taboo topic in japan, the career of the protagonist wasn't well received by his wife and friends but he persevered as i realized though it's a difficult job, it's satisfying for him as well.

watch the movie to see how beautiful this ceremony is. it shouldn't be surprising that rituals are big in japan and this movie shows how japanese places great emphasis on rituals.

as the movie progresses and people around the protagonist start to accept and respect him for his job, he finally had the chance to make peace with his estranged dad.

though the movie deals with the topic of preparing the dead for burial, there's so much more about life that you could learn from watching it.

so here you go. 2 movies we enjoyed tremendously here and these are, in essence, a celebration of life.

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