Friday, September 18, 2009

build your own jewellery case

inspired by the designspongeonline's diy contest winner, i just got to build one for our own usage!

here's angie johnson's jewellery case.

this is done using ikea's fira chest.

cost only rm49 from ikea and if you need more drawers, just add to it!

when i purchased from ikea, i was surprised to see that the plywood is actually from russia.

now even though i'm based in malaysia here, it's extremely difficult to purchase good quality plywood. the good ones are usually exported! leaving only inferior grade plywood with lots of voids for local usage. grrrr!!!!!

so it's nice to know the plywood used here doesn't have any void.

so after 2 rounds of staining (used gel- based teakwood stain) and 2 coats of satin polyurethane finish, here's mine!

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