Sunday, July 19, 2009

sungai pelek dragon fruit farm

brother yh told me about this place, so i just got to check it out!

sungai pelek is a cowboy town just a 10 minute drive from sepang. yh spilled the beans about the goodies of this little small town.

of which, the favourite has to be this dragon fruit farm!

this is how the fruit is planted. this is quite a large farm...

anyway, we went there mainly for the dragon fruit enzyme. the prices we get in kuala lumpur is couple times higher than buying directly from the farm.

other than dragon fruit enzyme, there's papaya enzyme, pineapple enzyme and aloe very enzyme too.

best seller and best tasting is of course, the dragon fruit enzyme.

curiously, they managed to grow grapes too!

some "malaysian" variety. quite tiny and quite sourish i was told.

this farm is very interesting as other than dragon fruit (and grapes!), they managed to grow passion fruit as well.

oh, did i mention their pineapples are the best pineapple i have ever tasted?

bountiful of dragon fruit!

these are quite large and go for rm10 for 3.

so far we have been to this farm twice and all i can say is the trip is definitely worthwhile.

the folks at the farm are very friendly. these are nice decent hardworking folks who toil the earth and harvest such beautiful produce from mother earth.

unlike bankers... or engineers... ha ha!

perhaps one day i'll grow my own fruits too!

my gratitude towards yh for recommending me this place!


  1. Hi BG - I've heard about this Sg Pelek place. It's near where my parents live (Banting). I must visit this place when I am back in S'gor. Usually fruits are dirt cheap in Banting especially the Sunday market unlike here in Penang. Bananas, dragonfruit, etc are cheap and delicious. Want to ask you, are you an expert on different types of bananas? I heard some are better than others in terms of nutrition. I wonder why!

  2. let me know if you are going there. if you want to, i could drive from here too. thx to yh, he even recommended a good place for us to eat.

    i could identify the different types of bananas but know nuts about its nutrition value. as long as it's a banana, it's good to eat!

    but i was told "embun" could be better as it's usually eaten a bit raw. i was told it has more fruit enzymes in it. beats me.