Wednesday, July 8, 2009

movies i'll watch again and again 2

the first time i watched "legend of 1900" was more than 10 years ago but when i chanced upon the dvd in a shop nearby, i just had to revisit it!

10 years later, i'm still enthralled by the story of "the world's greatest pianist". click on the pic to read more about the story.

most memorable are the few scenes of "movie magic" to me. the almost surreal "piano playing while dancing with the ocean" and the "piano duel". i assure you, if i were to write more on this, i'll be spoiling the movie for you!

i also later realized that the director of this movie, mr giuseppe tornatore, also directed another favourite of mine --- "cinema paradiso".

this is basically a love story, but with a lot more depth than all that angsty, petty, "love at first sight" that seems to be the favourite of most love stories out there. pathetic!

the most poignant thing about this story is near the ending when the protagonist realizes the source for his greatest love in life is also the source for his greatest sorrow in life.

do yourself a favour. borrow, beg or steal. watch these great movies!

ps: oh yeah! mr tornatore also directed another movie which i enjoyed very much - malena. starring the muse to my best selling digital analog convertor!


  1. I realised I don't have your email add. Can you send to me please? Got pics from our last trip to your place which I forgot to email to you! ;-)

  2. Oh ya, did you know flaxseeds need to be ground first? Otherwise, they'll just pass through your body and nothing nutritious happens. Apparently the seed covering is tough and won't be digested if you don't grind it first. Got this info from my friend who runs an organic food shop.

  3. i could be reached at

    i read somewhere about that characteristic of flaxseed but forgotten about it! thx for the reminder!

    will have to ground it next time before adding to the dough.

    thx again!