Monday, May 11, 2009

what is real bread?

i didn't know there is an organization supporting "real bread" until now!

and check out their definition of "read bread".

i guess i'm a bit more extreme as i insist on 0% white flour these days!

What is Real Bread?

Real bread has nothing to hide. It is made with simple ingredients – only flour, water, yeast and salt - and no additives. It tastes good and is naturally nutritious and easily digested. It is an important part of a balanced healthy diet. It is produced in ways that are honest, ecologically and socially responsible and designed to conserve the vitality of the ingredients for our benefit and enjoyment.

Real Bread:

  • must be made of flour, water, yeast (natural or processed) and salt (optional)
  • must not contain ‘improvers’, additives or processing aids (including enzymes) of any kind
  • may include other natural food ingredients such as nuts, fruits, vegetables and fats, providing these themselves contain no colourings, flavours, emulsifiers, humectants, stabilisers, fillers or additives of any kind
  • must not be made only with refined white flour; stoneground white flour is permissible and higher extraction rate flours are recommended
  • must be fermented for a minimum of four hours
  • must be mixed, fermented and baked in one continuous operation, i.e. part-baked, bake-off, frozen & re-heated and similar products are not allowed.

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