Sunday, October 12, 2008

where to buy bread flour in malaysia?

yes, i'm based in malaysia, kuala lumpur to be exact.

if you are in malaysia as well, and want to bake bread, you'll probably encounter the very pertinent problem of where to buy bread flour. so i'll try to surmise my findings here. feel free to add to it!

currency is ringgit malaysia. at time of writing, around 1 euro dollar = rm4.70.

i prefer organic flour so the findings are geared towards organic flour.

Carrefour - the french hypermart. not all branches stock these though.
Brand name : Country Farm Organic
Organic Rye Flour 500gm rm3.90
Organic Unbleached Wholemeal Flour 500gm rm4.10
protein content not listed so you can't tell whether it's suitable for baking bread. i have used them though and it's ok! listed as product of finland.

Jaya Jusco - supermart from Japan
Brand name : Country Farm Organic
Organic Unbleached Wheat Flour 500gm rm4.10
Organic unbleahced Wholemeal Flour 500gm rm4.10
same offering as carrefour but have this additional product.
Organic semolina flour 500gm rm10.70. note the much higher price! said to be product of usa

Cold Storage - cold storage is more known as purveyor of imported foods
Brand name : Country Farm Organic
Organic Unbleached Wholemeal Flour 500gm rm3.19
Organic Rye Flour 500gm rm3.89
same offering as carrefour and jusco but the prices are better!

Brand name : Waitrose
Organic Stoneground Strong Wholemeal Bread Flour 1.5kg rm14.99 13.6% protein content
Organic Strong White Bread Flour 1.5kg rm14.99 12.9% protein content
Very Strong Canadian White Flour 1.5kg rm14.99 15% protein content!

Brand name : Hovis
Strong Wholemeal Bread Flour 1.5kg rm11.99 14.2% protein content
Granary Malted Brown Bread Flour 1kg rm11.99 14.7% protein content

Cold Storage definitely is the place to go! lots of choices there!

Justlife - organic food specialty shop. members get 10%.
Brand name : the bites
Organic High Protein Wholemeal Flour 1kg rm10
Organic Wheat Flour Unbleached 1kg rm10
these are listed as product of australia

Brand name : Alce Nero
Wholemeal Spelt 500gm rm15.6 [ouch!]
Wholemeal Kamut 500gm rm17 [ouch!]
listed as product of italy

now you know why i haven't tried spelt nor kamut. they also sell organic active dry yeast 100g rm5.90

Hock Choon - a mini market specializing in imported foods. store in jalan ampang, kuala lumpur.
Brand name : Radiant Whole Food
Organic Bread Flour Unbleached 1kg rm7.75
Organic Wholemeal Bread Flour 1kg rm7.75
Brand name : Harvest King Better for Bread Unbleached White Flour 2.26kg (5 lbs) rm15.55
brandless bread flour 1kg rm3.70
brandless wholemeal bread flour 1kg rm3.70
brandless semolina flour 1kg rmm3.70
i really like hock choon they open early (operating hours 8.30am-8pm), have lots to choose from and prices are reasonable. they even sell italian flour '00', the super fine all purpose flour favoured for italian breads.

Chun Yip - a shop specializing in baking paraphenalia. store in jalan sultan, kuala lumpur.
brandless bread flour 1kg rm3.75
brandless wholemeal bread flour 1kg rm3.75

i believe hock choon and chun yip buy flour in bulk, then pack them in 1kg packs. they don't brand them so there's no info whatsoever on protein content etc. i listed these as brandless flour above.

my favourite of all is hock choon. maybe because i'm an early riser. maybe because they have almost everything you need there. maybe because their prices are good...

there you go! my little summary on where to buy bread flour in malaysia. comments welcomed!


  1. hi there... thanks for the information on where to buy all these flours.. i was searching for places that sell wholemeal flour... thank god i found your blog.. do you, by any chance, know where to get wheat germ? you can reply here.. i'll be checking back here..
    thanks in advance :)

  2. wheat germ? i was at hock choon this evening. they definitely sell wheat germ.

    thx for visiting!

  3. okay thank you very much! i definitely will be going to hock choon..

  4. Was wondering do you know where to get other ingredients to be added to bread such as as kibbled wheat or kibbled rye?

  5. Oh thanks for this info,
    I'm searching for Kamut and Spelt and thanks for telling me JustLife has it.
    I have to get that the next round I get to KL.

  6. hi wendyywy

    glad you find this useful.

    btw, there's also bms organic. another organic chain store. i recall i bought some spelt from them before.

    spelt and kamut flour cost a lot more than wheat flour here.

    may i know what is your planned usage for kamut and spelt?

    and btw, where are you based?

  7. I'm based in Perak.
    Yeah, I bought some spelt from BMS, a few branches of that in Perak.
    So far, I've used the kamut, but haven't posted it, still in the long queue of post.
    I used to bake and cook a lot lot lot until 3 months back when I totally slowed down, but all the back logs that I have are enough to last me til March with almost daily postings, so, I'm taking a break now from the kitchen until I am feeling much much better.

  8. hi there! just wondering if you have seen french flour anywhere? or if you know its substitute? I just started to bake bread and would like to try the french bread recipe. thanks!

  9. Thank you for the info. I love making bread at home, and all this while I have been buying from Country Farm Organics. As you know their products are organic but pricey as well, I am gonna drop by Hock Choon on of these days.

  10. if you buy from country farm organics hq (in sunway damansara), it's 20% off. got their karahan whole wheat flour for only rm5.50 a kg. imho the best bargain so far.

    if you join as a member (rm5 lifetime fee) and buy from their retail outlet at bangsar village, it's 10% off, still a good deal.

  11. Hi I was just wondering does anyone knows where I can buy Pillsbury brand whole wheat flour around KL or PJ.

  12. pillsbury whole wheat? so far have only seen pillsbury all purpose flour in town.

    any reason for just this brand?

    if hock choon, cold storage, village grocer doesn't sell it, then i don't think you'll find it elsewhere.

  13. Pillsbury wholewheat flour is available in Modern stores, Brickfields and the masjid india Mydin branch. Note that this is 'chapati atta' usually used for indian unleavened breads. Hav'nt tried baking bread with it.

  14. Wow... I never realized that there are Whole Wheat Flour in the Market here in KL... Thanks.. Umm... Have u seen any fresh yeast also? I used to bake bread in the states before but not now as I can't find a lot of essential ingredients like frozen blueberries for my White Chocolate Blueberry Bread... miss that so much! Thanks again..

  15. hi azmir

    thx for your comments!

    don't recall seeing fresh yeast. i use instant yeast.

    have you tried hock choon? i think i came across frozen blueberries there.


  16. hello, im lulu and i wnted to know where you get the instant yeast from, and wht brnd is it coz the one i use is simply mrked ibu roti n doesnt wrk

  17. hi lulu

    jusco etc sell the local "nori" brand of instant yeast which i have not used.

    i use either mauripan or saf instant yeast, which you could buy from bake with yen (in kl/pj/puchong area) or from cold storage.

    mauripan comes in small packets. saf comes in 1kg or half kg packs, which you have to store carefully (i keep in the freezer) as the yeast will lose its effectiveness once exposed to moisture.


  18. Hi there,you are one amazing fella that really deep into lots of things, I'm actually having difficulty of getting a flour call type 00 flour or so call tip 500 flour ,which only see in Italy and European country, do you have any information about that?

    I even search for the combination of using different flour to mix it,but it seems just not my day to get all the information I need,if you do remember you have seen it before,please do let me know,thank you.

  19. 00 flour refers to the grade, super fine i believe. it is the italian way of grading.

    00 flour is typically used for making pizza! you could buy easily from hock choon, jalan ampang. i think rm5-8 a kg.

    i tried making pizza with it before. works really well!


  20. hi u know where can i buy buckwheat flour?

  21. hi wanling

    go to organic shops.

    i recall seeing buckwheat floor at the organic section of jaya grocer last saturday.


  22. where can we get buckwheat? not the flour but the grains :)

  23. and what is the usual price per kg pls? approx... have been looking but am finding it a small challenge haha

  24. buckwheat could be found at most organic stores. sorry, no idea about pricing.

  25. Check out Bake with Yen. I buy all my stuff from there. It's more economical.

  26. Where can i find indian wheat flour (like aashirwad aata or pillsburry aata) near patranous Twin tower. Please advice...

  27. Good morning. I'm trying to find german rye flour and French Grands Moulins de Paris T55 or T65 flour. Would really appreciate any assistance in finding them in KL/Selangor.

  28. Hello everyone, anyone knows a good source of White wholewheat flour? This is produced from white wheat berries instead of the red type. This apparently is good for baking wholewheat bread that rises well.

    1. I have opportunity to bring from Russia to Malaysia a wheat and rye flour of the highest grade. of 10 tons and more. If it's interesting to you, write please on

  29. Thanks for blogging. I'm looking for this flour.

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  31. Thank you for the informative comments.

  32. Dear all, any one know where to find oats flour