Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bake With Yen

in another post, i blogged about where to buy bread flour in malaysia. actually, it's more like just kuala lumpur to be exact.

what i didn't mention is that you could buy all the related stuffs in those stores as well.

however, when my friend, ew, told me about this shop in puchong, i just had to take a look!

as ew is not free around here, it took me quite a while to find that place. but i'm glad i took the trouble!

like hock choon and chun ship, "bake with yen" also buys flour in bulk and repackages them in 1kg bags. prices are about the same like the other 2 shops. what makes them different (and interesting) is, they do the same to many other stuffs too!

i almost can't believe that i could buy dried herbs like oregano, rosemary, basil and parsley leaves at such fantastic prices! why heck, they'll even sell you 1kg of dried rosemary leaves if that's what you desire. i saw the 1kg package there!

white chocolate? dried raisins (best prices here), sultanas, almond flakes, sunflower seed, pumpkin seed... boy, i just couldn't resist. from now on, you can be sure my breads will have lots of nutritious seeds. :)

and not to mention all tthe other baking paraphenalia too, whether you bake cakes, cookies or bread. as you should know by now, i have no interest in the rest, but only bread.

why heck, they even had a website, though it's pretty basic. bake with yen

if i were them, i'll do mail order!

my only snag is the flour offerings isn't that great. if they sell organic flour as well, then i'm sold!

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