Saturday, June 11, 2011

for coffee lovers

i used to be a coffee junkie but my insomnia got so bad that i only drink probably a cup or two in a week.

however, if you want to drink coffee, do it the right way. go for a quality cuppa.

drink it black. this means no sugar, no milk, no creamer, nothing else!

just coffee and hot water of around 80-90C. or just before it boils. feel free to go above boiling point if you love bitter coffee.  :)

since 15% of malaysians are now diabetic and this figure is projected to rise, it'll do you lots of good to reduce your preference for sugar. why heck, all of us are already guilty of taking too much sugar in our food! even if you go entirely sugar free, chances are you still consume simple carbohydrates (like white bread, white rice, potatoes) and this still converts to sugar in your body. if you drink your coffee black, you will slowly but surely cut down your preference for sugar. btw, do you know that sugar is the most addictive substance in the world?

and this is the coffee i drink nowadays.  le bistro fine coffee is available at most organic shops. a huge pack of 30 sachets cost rm60 and it includes a french press, like the one pictured above. sorry i don't know how long will this free offer.

each sachet contains about 12 gms of coarsely ground coffee beans. so to make your cuppa is really easy.

boil water till almost boiling.
empty sachet contents into french press.
fill up with hot water.
few minutes later, push down the plunger and pour out your coffee.

good for about 2 medium sized cups. please don't add anything else. drink it black.
the coffee grounds can be used for compost or as a fertilizer.

i sincerely believe one should only take coffee in the morning and best avoided after noon.

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