Wednesday, February 23, 2011

the china study

this is one of the books that could change your view and perceptions of food, forever!

the author contends that a diet high in animal protein is the cause of many degenerative diseases afflicting our modern society these days. current scientific studies tend to isolate and identify a single agent causing a specific ailment. say high cholesterol is linked to heart disease. insulin deficiency is linked to diabetes. dr campbell however doesn't agree with this approach as he uses a different angle and his studies over the years found that a diet rich in animal protein is directly linked to a whole series of affliction known as our current "lifestyle disease".

it's hard to argue with the data as it's collected from 880 million people in china, the largest medical study ever done.  from wikipedia link above,

"The authors conclude that people who eat a whole plant food diet that avoids consuming animial proteins and fats from beef, poultry, eggs, fish, and milk will minimize and/or reverse the development of chronic diseases. They also recommend adequate amounts of sunshine to maintain sufficient levels of Vitamin D and dietary supplements of vitamin B12 in case of complete avoidance of animal products. They criticize "low carb" diets (such as the Atkins diet), which include restrictions on the percentage of calories derived from complex carbohydrates." 

i seriously urge you to read this book and reconsider your diet!

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