Saturday, May 8, 2010

planting more greens

still happily baking bread every weekend. it's like a routine now and i really couldn't stand commercialized bread anymore. baked walnut bread the past few weeks. you could get 250gm of walnut for rm8+ from bake with yen.

but this doesn't mean i'm not doing anything else!

been planting a lot. don't have a garden so everything will go into pots.

this is a local herb called "pegaga". haven't eaten any yet. have to wait...

thai basil. love it! i need to grow more of this. as you can see, we have been eating a lot of it. poor fella.

this is one plant that's growing too well! spearmint is really hardy, grows/spreads very quickly. and the smell the taste!

before martin left malaysia, he gave me this plant which he grew from the fruit. avocado! still a long way to go but it's growing slow and steady. thx a lot martin!

martin also gave me a branch of mulberry but it didn't grow. managed to buy couple weeks back and as you can see, it's growing very well. it started from just a few leaves!

there you have it. we don't really have green fingers here but we are trying and learning along the way. the compost which we have been doing is put to great use.

if you have any gardening tips, do share with me!

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  1. Try growing some local oregano called Indian borage. Smells delicious. I like turmeric can grow by planting fresh turmeric into soil and in time, it will sprout. I'm trying to grow regular basil (have Thai basil and love the smell). Also plantago which is good for women who have urinary tract problems.