Monday, November 30, 2009

my blood test result

just got my blood test results back. i ought to do a medical check up every year but due to laziness... the last one was done in 2005! of which i lost the results. sigh... so the only reference i have is from 2002.

nothing unusual though the reading that concerns most is cholesterol as my family has not so colourful history in this aspect.

                           2002       2009
Total cholesterol     5.7   4.7
HDL                  1.12    0.97
LDL                   4.2      3.45
Triglycerides       0.8    0.63

overall, 7 years later, my overall cholesterol level has dropped significantly though the LDL is still a bit high.

i believe the diet of less meat, high grain, whole wheat bread, olive oil-instead-of-butter do work!

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