Monday, January 5, 2009

more reasons to go wholemeal

the original grant loaf called for 100% wholemeal flour. i went half wholemeal, half white for a lighter loaf but she is right to call for all wholemeal.

on this site, found out this interesting bit about her.

In the case of the nutritionist Doris Grant, who lived to be 98 and advocated the consumption of organic vegetables and wholemeal flour, it might be said that she practised what she preached. The inventor of the ‘Grant loaf’, she advised British women that ‘if you love your husbands, keep them away from white bread ... If you don't love them, cyanide is quicker but bleached bread is just as certain, and no questions asked.’

ok, i was an idiot to assume she's a housewive. sorry.

but she is certainly right! now 100% wholemeal is quite chewy and won't be as light as store bought bread but the additional fibre and nutrients (and great taste!) more than makes up for it.

if you have to use white, then at the very least go for the unbleached type. many organic stores sell this variety so you really have no excuse.

unless you intend to benefit from a big fat insurance policy at the expense of your better half...

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