Sunday, November 30, 2008

have you seen this watch

well, i collect vintage watches too. i find it utterly fascinating and am always awed by the complexity and level of craftsmanship shown in vintage watches. have some swiss variety but this one completely surprised me. it's a made in china watch!

yeah, while we are used to low quality china goods, this watch... is finely made it rivals its swiss peers. it's a handwound unit so it could be 30+ years old. make is "dongbao". never heard of it.

"17 JUAN" means 17 jewels. "ZHONGGUOZHIZAO" - made in china. the chinese characters at the bottom say "china" and "shanghai".

back of the watch. literally translated, "stainless steel shanghai supermarket". 

despite its age, it's condition is still beautiful. the design is best described as classic. doesn't look dated at all!

this is one of my favourite watch!

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