Sunday, September 14, 2008

why bake your own bread?

as i write this, i have been baking bread for the past few months. nothing can be a simpler purer pleasure that a loaf of good freshly baked bread!

in this age of instant gratification and supermarket convenience, bread baking not only provides a lesson in humility, it teaches to connect another level with our food. the connection that for ages, for centuries, our ancestors have been baking bread using more or less the same time tested techniques.

also, can you imagine teaching your kid to look for information in the library? flipping through thick thick pages of encyclopedias in this age of google and wikipedia? get them to bake bread together and learn learn learn!

well, enough about this first blog post. i'm so inspired by bread baking i have to start a blog, to document what i'm doing and also, sharing what i'm doing. right or wrong, you tell me! 

as time progresses, i'll probably veer to other topics. but it's bread for now. 

let's begin!

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